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The Drips

The Drips began in 2000. The group had very sparse beginnings as everyone involved was either in school, worked for a bank or out on tour or something. I suppose the story of The Drips is not at all thrilling because there really isn’t much to tell. We do feel that the sparseness of the group and the few sporadic times that we joined each other on stage, in rehearsals or whatnot has had a direct effect on our music.

Until now, no Drips material has ever been released on a compact disc.  A few songs eventually found their way onto comps – “Coastline” originally appeared on the all vinyl Hostage release, ³Tower 13² and has since been re-recorded. If you happen to pick up that release, you will see why.

“Destroy The Chemistry” appeared on “Radio Disaster” – a Basement Records comp. Again, same story. Hit record and, uh…lay down to tape the first thing blurted out. None of these songs were ever intended to see the light of day, but were recorded because Rick Bain (Hostage Records) wanted to hear some material because he was considering putting out a Drips single on the extremely coveted Hostage Record single series. Fast forward to a year later. Rick had been trying to get us together for a year but no one was around, until finally in the summer of 2003, all were present to go into Adamos Studio down in Orange County. In the next 6 hrs we recorded “Mexico” and “All Kids Are Dead”. It was released as a 7-inch a few months later and is now way out of print. The band doesn’t even have any copies. ‘All Kids = Dead” would eventually be re-recorded for the full length. “Mexico” would never be played live again.

Zoom forward another couple of years to early 2005. The band had been extremely inactive due to the touring duties of the members different bands…

At the end of that two years of inactivity, we decided it was time to finally commit to a full length as the next 3 years of our lives would again be spent in buses, taxis, planes and/or in vans. We began demoing in our studio with the intent of, ³Well, we¹ll see how it comes out, and release it ourselves…². After a few weeks we had a finished record and well, decided we should really do it again (someday that record will be released – what a gem) so we entered Wet & Dry Studios in Eagle Rock with engineer extraordinaire Manny aka Steve Albeaner – and in 2 days banged out what was to become our full length Drips debut. Everything was cut live and then the tapes sat on the shelf for 8 months while everyone took off on tour or made other records. Until recently, we weren’t even sure that it would see the light of day, but we managed to mix it over 3 weeks in September, an effort reserved for the wee hours of the morning and as a result – actually finished the album. 11 songs even.

So there you have it. It has been a long journey, something that began 5 years ago has finally come to fruition. It is exciting for us to listen to this, because none of us ever thought we would get it done. Hope you enjoy it too.


– The Drips