The Cribs 17th March, 2014

In 2013 The Cribs celebrated 10 years of being a band with their sixth album for Wichita, Payola, a career spanning greatest hits collection.


The Cribs form and record early demos


‘Baby Don’t Sweat’ – split 7” single on Squirrel Records…band sign to Wichita Recordings…‘Another Number’/’Baby Don’t Sweat’…

NME – What’s On The NME Stereo?

“Fight of the week in the office is between those who think The Cribs sound like The Strokes and those who think they sound like Ash. We all agree they’re ace though”.


‘You Were Always The One’ …’THE CRIBS’…

Big Issue – ‘What About Me’ review

“If this is the future of British pop that can only be a good thing”.


‘Hey Scenesters!’ …‘Mirror Kissers’ …’THE NEW FELLAS’…

Sunday Times – ‘The New Fellas’ album review

“…this is a fine and explosively brief invitation to heed The Cribs’ call up”.****


NME – Awards show @ Astoria

“They may have gained the Peel seal of approval back in the day, but The Cribs have been heinously underrated since the release of their debut”


‘Mens Needs’…’MEN’S NEEDS,WOMEN’S NEEDS,WHATEVER’…’Our Bovine Public’…

Word – ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs,Whatever’ album review

“It works a treat, especially on the tracks  where the Jarmans trade barbed conversational lyrics…proving that they’re  not only limited to three-minute sardonic pop classics”.


‘I’m A Realist’…

The Independent – NME  Awards Tour

“The Cribs  come with a loyal following.Yet there was something about seeing them in a venue of this size that suggests they have massive potential…” ****


‘Cheat On Me’…’IGNORE THE IGNORANT’…’We Share The Same Skies’…

Mojo – ‘Ignore The Ignorant’ album review

“The Cribs of 2009 sound bold, fully realised, their anthems polished and radio-ready, without sacrificing the acerbic edge that’s powered them this far”. ****


The Fly – live review @ Wichita’s 10th Anniversary

“An unquestionable reminder of just how great the trio always were”.


Tarbox Studio  – NY, Abbey Road – London, EAR Studio – Chicago…Dave Fridmann, Steve Albini, The Cribs


‘Chi-Town’…’Come On, Be A No-One’…’IN THE BELLY OF THE BRAZEN BULL’…

Guardian – ‘Come On, Be a No-One’ on F & M Playlist

“Short, instant and with a brilliantly shouty chorus that seems to go “for yooooouuuuuayyyyyyy”.

Q Awards – recipients of the ‘Spirit Of Independence’ award

Q – ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’ album review

“In The Belly Of The Bull, then, sees The Cribs back to a three-piece and reinvigorated as a result. Crucially, it also reveals a new sense of ambition.” ****


“You’ve got to be special to deliver a great love song. The Buzzcocks did it, Aztec Camera did it . Ash did, and can still do it. To those add The Cribs …” so hailed the band’s press release for their second single ‘You Were Always The One’ back in 2004.

You have to be pretty special to last a decade but The Cribs have believed, provoked, empowered, excited and more than ever inspired since their arrival in 2003 and to mark the occasion comes the release of the oh, so dryly titled compilation,  ‘Payola’  on 25th February 2013.

From their inception in the early noughties, twins Gary and Ryan together with younger brother Ross have built  a considerable reputation not only amongst their fans but  likewise with critics and their musical peers. ‘Payola’  – a musical journey tracing the band’s musical output from the outset through to their fifth and most recent album ’In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’ – is a concise 22 track album that includes the previously unreleased track ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’. This song, recorded in 2010, was the last song the band completed as a four piece, and thus, the final song to feature former Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr.