Health&Beauty – NO SCARE CD



NO SCARE is the Wichita debut for Chicago's Health&Beauty, a band led by Brian Sulpizio and backed by keyboard player Ben Boye (Ryley Walker, Bonnie Prince Billy, Angel Olsen etc) and hugely in-demand jazz drummer, Frank Rosaly (Ryley Walker, Peter Brotzmann and many more). The album recalls the 70s sound of Neil Young (one song originally included a Neil Young lyric and melody which, alas, had to be removed), but with a more angular side, perhaps recalling Dirty Projectors - it's a wonderful showcase for the three musicians' amazing chops, from the urgent rush of opener "Back to the Place", through the title-track's afrobeat / highlife melodies to the beautiful, more gentle "Im Yr Baby (for Aaron Swartz)".

Back To The Place
Asunción & Dayanara

No Scare
Beyond Beyoncé
Im Yr Baby (for Aaron Swartz)
Riverside Cemetery

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"Health&Beauty supply No Scare with enough oxygen to make the album reflect your dreams for this world, excelling at the meeting point between its recorded execution and personal interpretation."Consequence of Sound

"Explosive, tight and jamming like White Denim but experimenting with time signatures more likely to be found in jazz and prog (or, hey, even Crazy Horse), the 70s influences are loud and proud on NO SCARE - and they make the record one of the most exciting of this year." The Line of Best Fit