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“Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever” out now!

Just to let you know in case you forgot or weren’t aware, The Cribs brand new Album – “Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever” is finally out TODAY!

Click here to buy it now

There is a limited edition run of the album with a blue box set, which includes a full length tour documentary called “Leave Too Neat”. Any of you who came to the small club shows in March, may be able to spot yourself on this DVD!

Also, The Cribs kick off their brand new UK tour today starting in Keele and some of the dates still have tickets, so to avoid disappointment, make sure you pre order them through the if you intend on going.

Lastly, Men’s Needs charted at number 17 this week in the UK official charts! Thanks to everyone who went out and bought / downloaded one legally over the past week!

Sleep Deprivation Live Video!

Live from Brighton Audio, 12th May 2007.

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You! Me! Dancing!

Released on 4th June 2007
“You! Me! Dancing!” b/w “It Started With A Mixx”
Their second single – Limited 7” and download only.

Los Campesinos! (LC! to fans, lovers, choice acquaintances, and badge makers) are on the verge. Of many things. Losing their marbles hopefully not being one of them, despite the somewhat frenzied agenda of the coming months. Sound of mind (for the moment at least) and armed with youthful enthusiasm, bidding a fond farewell to academia, student dwellings, and essay-writing awaits. As is a summer of musical indulges and major achievements.

Following a year of infrequent live shows – an indulgence for those lucky enough to have heard the band’s early demos – and the release of their debut single back in February, our Cardiff septet release ‘You! Me! Dancing! on Wichita Recordings on June 4th.

With the onset of Summer 2007, comes lives shows, rehearsals, recording and yet more hard graft for LC!  Alongside the release of “Y! M! D!” in June comes a handful of UK shows including one at London’s Scala, before the band head Stateside for their first North American tour, and finally to Canada to record their debut album with Broken Social Scene producer David Newfeld. Their debut album is planned for release at the start of 2008.

Whilst wishing to avoid the usual hyperbolic pitfalls descriptions of many an esteemed young new band succumb to, if one could choose a single word to surmise LC!, it would probably be ‘inevitable’. ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ is a faultless introduction to their sizeable potential.


Yet more silly laws are being applied to the live music bill, making it less and less legal to have perfectly normal live music happening in a place where people enjoy it. In particular anything spontaneous would be more and more dangerous for any landlord.

We quite clearly stand against this kind of thing and we expect you do too. There’s an article by Libby Purves about this petition here.

The petition itself can be signed until June, and is here.

It takes less than a minute. Do your bit before there are no places left for decent, spontaneous or traditional live music!

Men’s Needs Pre-order

On May 14th 2007 The Cribs release their new Men’s Needs single. Available on CD, two limited 7-inch singles (one a gatefold) and download, you can pre-order all four of these formats for £3.50 plus p&p or the 3 physical formats for £3 plus p&p.

Click here to pre-order >>

How it works: all the physical formats (the CD and the 7-inch singles) will be delivered to your door by post. The downloads will be available as soon as they are released – just log into your order history (top left when you log into your account) to pick them up. UK only.

Men’s Needs Video!

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New Signing!

We are very proud to announce that Meg Baird (one of the clear-toned songwriters of Philadelphian sextet Espers) is to release her solo album Dear Companion through Wichita Recordings on 4th July.

It is a deeply personal record that very nearly never existed for public consumption. Made up of a mix of her own original material, cover versions and a selection of traditional numbers, Dear Companion is a collection of songs that are very close to Meg’s heart. “I tucked into this collection of songs as much personal coding and shapes as I could without weighing down the branches too much. I really love these songs and take them very seriously and was just trying to do a really good job with everything I had available at that time. I wanted to make something new and worthwhile, all the while harboring a feeling that all songs have already been written.”

Fans of Espers, and newcomers alike will immediately swoon to the sound of Meg’s uniquely beautiful voice and the pluck or strum of guitar and mountain dulcimer. The passion and feeling in this record is immediately apparent and compulsive.

You can also see Meg perform as part of Espers on their upcoming UK tour:

25 Crawdaddy Dublin
26 Dingwalls London
27 The Lemon Tree Aberdeen
28 Tramway Glasgow
29 Liquid Room Edinburgh

For ticket info please go here.