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Back Again and it is The Incredible…

Did you ever keep a diary when you were a kid? I didn’t
Knew I’d never keep it up.seems I was right.b log2.0 oir whatever we call it it still means writing stuff every day eh and life is for loving right…….
Highlights since last time…….
Paris with Conor.
Japan with Bloc,the Cribs and MBV.
TDD blowing the roof off koko.
Returning to Monnow Valeey for the first time this century with LC!
Its been a great summer………

So here we are again with best intentions.
Inspired by the momentous evening we had last night putting pen to paper with Wichita’s brightest hopes SKY LARKIN.
Watching this band grow of late has been a total joy but nothing had prepared me for the masterpiece of a record they and El Goodo would concoct in Seattle.
Luckily only we’ve heard it so we snuck in there fast.2009’s first classic for sure………..welcome Larkins.
Gonna be another hectic festival weekend so should be plenty to write about.
Remember folks, a blog is for life……..not just for xmas

The End of Days

That’s how Glastonbury sundays always feel.just dragging yourself over the fnishing line.
Daytime’s shitty line up didn’t help.seemed like most of the uk”s shittest bands played at least once over the weekend and sometimes you wondered if you weren’t at the radio one roadshow waiting for DLT.
Things finally got going at 4 with the arrival of stars.just like at coachella they seemd suited to a sunday afternoon slot and played everything I could have hoped to hear.if you’ve never bought a stars record you owe it to yourself.
Climbed all the way up the hill while Ronson murdered the jam in a hilariously modern way amd took my seat for Caribou.
Talk about righjt band right place.with the faders set to psych Dan and the boys went right out even further than usual as the green surrpundings just seemed to intensify the pastoral nature of their big drummed psychedelia.Right up there with the best sets of the weekend for me.
100 yards down the hill to watch Sky Larkin on the BBC Introducing stage.
Brimming with new found confidemce and having just got back from recording their debut album the set sounded like a greatest hits run through and showed again thjat somewhere along the road these kids learned how to ROCK!
Then made the epic trek over to jazz world to see King Solomon Burke being lowered into his enprmous gold frame.
Much like with Candi on friday its hard not to be blown away by the heritage and history before you.starting with “that’s how I got to mephis” we went through severla decades of hits from him and his friends and while it veered towards cheesy now and then the voice was still there and you felt honoured to be in his presence
Then it was time for one more act before lights out.
Tempted by Derriclk May with Stars folks but decide to see MMJ’s first uk festival headline.their bonnaroo sets have ecome legendary but they give them the chance to play for hours on end and a disappointed jim seemed to be just hitting his stride and hour or so in beofre the curfew came and the plug was pulled.still great to have them back here tho.
There was other stuff I’m sure but hey man if you can remember glastonbury you weren’t there right folks?
It won’t be remembered as a vintage year but there’s still nothing quite like it in the world.

Another Day

So much for keeping it live…..Saturday was great.dry and sunny.
Los Camp started it off with an absolute cracker much as they had last year.12 months on and older and woser they ripped through their set and totally suited the big stage and screens.a top job.
Then saw a bit of black kids which left me very on the fence.some great songs but as a whole its still not quite there for me.better than most of their peers though.
Neon Neon were extraordinary set put just about everyone else over the weekend to mindblowing that that’s gruff’s third full set of differetn material with different bands between this year and last.Har Mar spat headtands.gruff read a magazine.the sun was awesome.

Bit of a blur after that.
Hung with The Cribs and LC.went up to see Kool Keith not only show up but deliver a crowd pleasing set of the hits in that werd ‘here’s a medley from each of my personas” thing that he’s been doing.still unique and he seemed to enjoy it year maybe we can have a gruff/keith set.that would do me.

Back down the hill for SMD’s dj set.with Jas in the delivery room it was left to Mr Ford to deliver a cracking set to the dancing hordes and there’s still a thrill to hear 1000’s singing Hustler like that.
One last pit stop and then over to the main stage for the main event of the day.
Wino was running late so saw the last half of that.someone help her eh?
Then Jay Zoh jay Z.better writers than I will cover this in depth I’m sure but from my spot in the biggest main stage crowd I’ve seen there maybe ever it was fantastic.the intro was briliantly judged.the freestyles breathtaking and the charisma palpable even from half a mile away.
Could have done with Beyonce or Rhianna but that’s splitting hairs.He seemed very aware of where he was and the significance of the show and in contrast to let’s say a Wyclef show (hello germany!)had put some thought into it and put in a unique showthe truly memorable part of the whole weekend……..

Day Three

So that ended up pretty good yesterday,bit of an old folks day but the good times rolled…..
Starting with Candi Staton who did everything you could ever want to hear including her amazing version of In The Ghetto (tho not stand by your man) and got everyone smiling and raving to You Got The Love.
Things got a bit darker for The Duke Spirit on The Park stage but Leila had a blinder and they rocked it.
Ran into Lykke Li which is always nice and then gathered will all the other wise folks for the mighty Edwyn Collins.starting with falling and laughing and taking us through his whole career the effect was as stunning as it was indoors at dingwalls last year.Everyone is aware of Edwyn’s recent medical issues but to watch this show is just to see an amazing writer and performer as good as he’s ever been.
With half of Aztec Camera in tow!wonderful.
Wish I could say the same about john cale.another hero but just didn’t do it today.
Stopped in to see A Trak dropping a more pop dance set than I expected for Radio 1 before regrouping for the Crbs headlining slot at the john peel stage .
Over an hour of mad singalongs ensued and the atmosphere in the tent was amazing.We were treated to one new song which was an absolute belter and makes me very excited for the next record,
Rounded of the day watching the telly coverage of the main stages and were thankful we hadn’t been near them all day.
No rain overnight and its almost Los Campesinos time…….

Day Two

Well we didn’t leave.and it isn’t exactly raining.BUT it is muddy everywhere and guess who forgot his wellies ?!
Just watched half of glasvegas.think they need to go see mbv.
Mission now is to buy wellies and make it the 3 muddy miles to see Candi Staton……

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

So we got in
But now at 10.15 we’re already wishing we hadn’t.
Remind me why we’re here ?
Endured an hour of guilty pleasures (soooo much cooler than School Disco eh?) and about a minute of Santogold (rubbish) and now back on the bus hoping to catch the football.
Spain v Germany eh?
Clinging to the hope that my germany to win prediction mighjt be right but then I’m also hoping that the sun will be out tomorrow……..

Possibly The Worst Idea Ever

Against my better judgement and any amount of legal advice we’re going to try and utilise this amazing modern technology and do a LIVE B LOG FROM GLASTONBURY……..
As we know the road to hell……and all that but we’ll give it a go and see what happens…….
Its thursday and 1pm and our lovely bus courtesy of the ever generous James Sandom is leaving London loaded up with “essentials” for the long weekend.
We have a nice if random crew on the way down including EMMY THE GREAT and EUGENE MCGUINNESS and we’re expecting a revolving cast of folks as the festival goes on.
My first Glastonbury was in ‘85 and I’ve been to the vast vast majority ever since (skipped the first couple of years after they let the police on site) and even now whatever cynicism I feel in looking at the line ups quickly dosappears when you get on site.
Its magical innit ?
Well there’ll be plenty of hippy bollocks forthcoming over the weekend so in the words of les savy fav “brace yourself” !!

No Sleep Til Hammersmith

Lemmy is never wrong.except for some of the nazi memorabilia stuff.memorabilia now there’s a song.

See ? That’s how your mind works when you’ve had no sleep.Since getting back from Primavera I’m averaging 3 to 4 hours a night and its starting to take its toll.

Dick has been in London for an unprecedented 3 days which usually means trouble.

Monday was awesome.Team Dodo got together for the first time and the excitement in the room was palpable and only increased at the band’s first ever London show that night. Whooped on by the biggest crowd at the Hoxditch Bar B Q Grill since SMD the boys totally delivered the goods and showed everyone why the “buzz from sxsw had been so loud……

Too many beers meant a hankering for late night pizza and though I managed to avoid the tequila fueled dice session that evening it was still gone 3 before I hit the hay.

Up at 8 on Tuesday for a day that managed to take in trips to all 4 points on the London compass.The daytime highlight was a trip to see SMD in the room (still can’t bring myself to call that a studio fellas) where we got to hear the sounds that fill James Ford’s head (folks you don’t want to go there…..) Along with the full scoop on the missing 3 tonne trailer full of gear.

Cheesy quavers man, they’re all radio rental.

Then we made the epic voyage to new cross somewhere past new south wales.
Was taken back to friday nights watching the Boos and the Swervies bitd and it was touching to see that this was a part world utterly untouched by the blight of urban regeneration…..

In fairness loads of kids turned out for a cracking bill with Port O Brien up first and then another great Dodos set completely revamped from the night before.

The journey back to London took several hours so it was another great late night/early morning combo

Wednedsay saw the biggest London show for everybody’s favourite swedish teens THOSE DANCING DAYS.
Having finally finished school a few days before and with the sun finally shining it felt like an end of term party.Great show with a few new songs from the soon come album which sounded amazing and a new confidence from Linnea now that she is a pop star full time.

Seemed crazy not to celebrate so we headed to East Village for Delicious Vinyl’s Remixxxology party where the ridiculously good sound system played host to the legendary Mastah Ace and some great old skool joints as I believe they call em.

All fired up when it closed we rendezvoused with the cream of Sweden at some Hoxditch den of vice. Like a mini stockholm with Lykke Li, The Concretes, El Perro Del Mar and TDD another late night/early morning inevitably ensued……..

Today has been a little gentler.The legend that is Christof from City Slang was in town which is always good,Lovvers were kicking about and tonight saw an absolutely beautiful set from the ridiculously talented MEG BAIRD. She’s got some pipes that girl and plays guitar like a mofo too.Amazing to see her in this big old church and makes the prospect of new music from the Espers folks even more exciting.

So yeah a bit of a week all told especially as Meg clashed with The Cribs b sides set so have to had to miss that. Hear the Comet Gain cover went down very well with the indie glitterati tho…….

Tomorrow is the long awaited return of The Notwist makers of one of my favourite albums ever and a band worth braving ICA bar prices for……..

Onwards and upwards.