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Wichita office blog #2


The final day of the working week are strange, changeable days in the record world; they either exude that traditional sense of calm and pre-weekend satisfaction, or they deviate into a world of panicked emails, rushed phone calls and hasty deliveries arranged.

Inevitably, this Friday was like the latter. Having bowled into the office around 11.30am after waking up in Bristol that morning, MB and I survey an office that has a distinct hum of activity. Over the next 6 hours, the frequency of the phone ringing increases almost exponentially. “where are the new album promos!” “we’ll have to get more made!” “Can I add two more packages to go out?” “why doesn’t the fucking printer work?” “What do you mean, your wireless connection’s gone?” “See if the mastering people have gone home yet.” “do they work on saturdays?”

…not that anything’s an emergency; the Wichita office is a pretty well-run outfit, certainly the amount of work done for the number of people in it is gargantuan, ridiculous, and generally quite unfeasible. It’s just that, as the clock ticks away towards 6pm (official shut off time to get hold of anyone on a day, even though blackberrys keep on buzzing forever), the pile of things to do never seems to diminish.

I don’t help my own workload by drinking a pair of Cobras at 2pm before returning to a mass of deliveries that need to be sent out. Hazy and confused, my mindset isn’t helped by the controlled chaos that goes on around me.

It all gets done of course; it always does. I think the air of finite time is only enhanced by the realisation that Monday sees an office trip to Glasgow – two gigs involving Wichita bands to enjoy – and that anything not done today is going to have to be addressed (hungover, inevitably) on Tuesday. And that’s never fun.

As Joe, Wichita intern remarked to me on Tuesday; ‘it’s a bit more business like this week, isn’t it?’.

Hello and welcome, 2009.

Well would Huw believe it….

So here we are travelling back to london after the first night of Sky Larkin’s first proper headline tour and rather than looking back on a typically great show in front a few hardcore clued up Bristolians we sit here basking in the warm glow of a sold out wonderful night at the ever lovely Louisiana.
Can think of very few gigs where I got potential attendance so horribly wrong.
The bill is great,Huw Stephens has been fantastic in his patronage/support but still WHERE DID ALL THOSE PEOPLE COME FROM ??!!
Pulled apart by horse were fantastic – a young exuberant uk response to our own much missed and beloved Blood Brothers combined with the excitement of those tiny At The Drive In Shows when feet would regularly hit the ceiling and going back even further the sheer glee of the first time Mudhoney hit these shores and people remembered what it was like to have fun at shows again…..
I’m already sad I’ll only see a couple of the shows on this tour as I know they’re going to live long in the memory of all those involved….
What a wonderful first Wichita show of the new year.thanks Obama !
hitting the 09.hard.

Red sky at night….

En route to Brizzle for the opening night of the Huw Stephens presents tour.
Sky Larkin headlining ably supported by Pulled Apart by Horses and Mr Hodgkinson’s computer neither of whom I’ve managed to see before so all very exciting…..
First time I’ve been to the Louis for aaaaaaaages so looking forward to that immensely.
Will be alert for mid table nothing to play for championship footballers too……
hitting the 09.hard.

Wichita office blog #1

Hey there, this is the Wichita office house guest. I’ve been incumbent on the office sofa for a little while, (though recently upgraded to a full desk – thanks, Thomas). Due to an alleged half-decency with words, I thought I might offer an occasional view on the Wichita world from the middle of, yet slightly outside of it. Selective voyeurism, if you will.

Today was a bit of a Domino Recording Co. love-in day, with the morning spent listening to the newest output from the fine indie. The new Franz LP was listened to at length with great interest, as was the new Eugene McGuiness single. Most intriguing was the new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy longplayer, which was regularly and amusingly interspersed with audio reminders that this was DEFINITELY a promo copy, and not for re-sale or anything like that. Even stranger was how each warning was issued in a different tone and international accent. You can’t argue against the creativity of it all…

There’s also a new office sofa dweller, replacing my own bottom on the care-worn office chaise longue; Wichita’s new intern, Joe. Joe is clearly a very lovely person, and entirely capable of doing many things that we struggle to uphold; organisation, cleanliness and the creation of space that we all thought had long ago become lost forever. There was notable amount of consternation amongst Team Wichita at the large greenish thing that appeared near the fridge yesterday on one of Joe’s many foray’s towards that corner of the office. He assures us though, that it is indeed ‘carpet’ and ‘additional’ space. We’ll have to trust him on that. It must also be noted that Joe does many other things too, some of which don’t include the moving of boxes.

The afternoon saw all 5 office dwellers head over to the Rich Mix cinema with a spring in our step to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama (Mr President to you now). It was pretty amazing stuff, and the packed out viewing room seemed to share the sense of a better future. It was warming, and the glasses of red wine we sipped throughout only added to the fuzzy feeling. One particular phrase stood out amongst all others though;

…what men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose”.

Which sums just about everything up, doesn’t it?


the go betweens

Go Be’s morning here in the office.Part of the appeal is nostalgia based on a special time fo r me of getting deeper into music and pouring over liner notes and the whole nick hornby thing but what really strikes me is how little “literate pop” there is these days.What drew me to Roddy/Edwyn/Grant and Robert (postcard ?!?)/Moz etc was the amazing words,the storytelling.Not really part of a folk tradition but drawing you in in the same way.Hard to think of who does that now…
The Wave Pictures come to mind but maybe because the sound SO much like the Go Betweens and other than that people like Conor are more on the folk side and maybe its why peeople connect to Death Cab and stuff but I dont feel the same connection (and not just cos I’m old).
Anyway,if you’ve read this far and have any suggestions for great contemporary literate pop I may be forgetting please let us know….


Today is the inauguration day. You probably know this already. We at Wichita are terribly excited, so much that we’ve Obamified ourselves…


Paste have made a little application that allows you to do the same. Obamify yourself and post it to the comments. We’ll choose our second favourite Obama to get a Wichita goodie bag. Yes, we know the two aren’t necessarily related, but you probably like music too.

Moshi moshi!

First moshi night of the new year taking me back to the xmas party here less than a month ago.would say happy memories but I don’t remeember much….WE HAVE BAND up first…..more cowbell !! (Always wanted to say that…..)
hitting the 09.hard.