Although originally hailing from different parts of the UK, Lovvers formed whilst all four members were living in Nottingham in 2006.

“We used to all live in Nottingham. I knew Shaun because he’s a musician, I met Mike because he was a funny guy around town, then I met Steve. Shaun’s old band was coming to an end so we played some songs together, then enlisted the other two. We went to a practice room, played some songs, we had a gig lined up, we played the gig and then went on from there”. So said guitarist, Henry Withers.

The band comprises of Withers (guitar and backing vocals), Shaun Hencher (vocals; previously guitarist in The Murder Of Rosa Luxemberg), Michael Drake (bass) and Steve Rose (drums). They describe themselves as “four ambitious nobodies” and they have tellingly arrived on the scene at a moment in musical history that can only described as a yawning, deluded mess.

In the two and a half years since they formed they have played over 250 shows across the UK and Europe. They have shared tours and stages with many bands they love, including Butthole Surfers, No Age, Times New Viking, Jay Reatard, Awesome Color, Mika Miko, Fucked Up, Black Lips, Brutal Knights, Los Campesinos! and Boss Hog.

Lovvers are a strange mix of music’s forgotten / blank generation, re-calling the spirit of Darby Crashes’ Germs, the weirdness of Flipper, Wipers-style pop and the carefree attitude of The Replacements.

Having released four noisy seven-inch singles (three on the Jonson Family record label and one a 4 way band split release on OIB records) the band signed to Wichita Recordings in 2008.

Their Wichita debut was released on September 29th 2008. Entitled “Think” it was recorded by the band with their friends Laurence Eaves and Simon Ashdown at Purple Studios in Norwich across a period of around 7 days.

Their next full-length release is intended to appear during the summer of 2009. It will be preceded by a new single. More details to follow as soon as we have any…