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Greg Weeks

“I don’t consider myself a musician so much as a musical thinker. I’ve never been great at playing instruments but I haven’t let that prevent me from realizing the sonic ideas that bounce around inside my brain. What’s saved me from utter technical despair is my producer’s mentality.  For me, great music isn’t about what can be done by the individual so much as what that individual can accomplish alongside others. Thus I surround myself with folks who either have a great amount of talent, an excess of inspiration or a valuable combination of the two. In the end it’s the collective energy that cements my recorded ideas and elevates them during performance. My biggest thrill is derived from guiding or shaping that energy.

My music is not of the high octane party variety. It exists to help folks work through what troubles them. It’s personal and, unlike my work in Espers, very specific to my own life. Thus anyone who has been run through society’s ringer and come out flattened (frustrated, angry, depressed) is likely to find something here to help them make sense of things, or at the very least commiserate with.”