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Cheatahs’ long-awaited debut album is first and foremost an exploration of the possibilities of modern guitar music. A blend of ecstatic noise, ambient drone and visceral, ear-splitting alt-rock, combined with lyrics that touch on the complexities of relationships, nature, the city, memory,dislocation and self-identity, the self-titled record displays a giant creative leap from the lo-fi fuzz of the band’s first two EPs.

Track list:
Northern Exposure
Mission Creep
Get Tight
The Swan
Leave To Remain
Cut The Grass
Loon Falls

  1. I
  2. Geographic
  3. Northern Exposure
  4. Mission Creep
  5. Get Tight
  6. The Swan
  7. IV
  8. Leave To Remain
  9. Kenworth
  10. Fall
  11. Cut The Grass
  12. Loon Calls