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Cheatahs’ long-awaited debut album is first and foremost an exploration of the possibilities of modern guitar music. A blend of ecstatic noise, ambient drone and visceral, ear-splitting alt-rock, combined with lyrics that touch on the complexities of relationships, nature, the city, memory,dislocation and self-identity, the self-titled record displays a giant creative leap from the lo-fi fuzz of the band’s first two EPs.

Track list:
Northern Exposure
Mission Creep
Get Tight
The Swan
Leave To Remain
Cut The Grass
Loon Falls

"yearning melodies over driving rhythms, all swaddled in comforting layers of fuzz." UNCUT

"'Cheatahs' is a gleaming pop wrecking ball taken to the sonic cathedral." NME

"Cheatahs revere FX-pedal-bashing titans, but an uber melodious debut validates the London quartet's kinship." Mojo ****

  1. I
  2. Geographic
  3. Northern Exposure
  4. Mission Creep
  5. Get Tight
  6. The Swan
  7. IV
  8. Leave To Remain
  9. Kenworth
  10. Fall
  11. Cut The Grass
  12. Loon Calls