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Y Viva Espana!

I held off blogging for a week in the hope that one of the many many other employees of the Wichita Corporation might want to jump in and write about their prison experiences or scout badges or something but that hasn’t happened so here we go again.

First up an honourable mention to the marvelous Broken Social Scene show of just over a week ago.
Feeling a little more experimental than busual the Shepherd’s Bush gig was a reminder again that the small town that is Social Scene provides a unique and powerful experience that’s probably the most exhilarating show on earth. With Amy Milan providng the female parts the set wound its way to a typically amazing climax.They were last seen headimg for Moscow and I’m sure some of them are still there……

Then in the week the beautiful DODOS arroved for their first European trip.
There will be many many reports of the progress of Meric, Logan and Joe this year but it all began in most civilised fashion with a verital world food tour and good timed with three of the nicest men in rock. It’s 1am as I write this and already the excitement for their first London show tomorrow is making it impossible to sleep.

After seeing in the beginning of the 5th decade of the legendary David Laure’s life (happy birthday D shine on you crazy diamond…..) In the company of a smattering of early 90’s indie luminaries it was off to Barcelona for Primavera Sound 08 and a festival bill that probably won’t be topped anywhere in the world this year.
I have never arrived at a festival on the final day before and it was quite a shock to see the state of the weary walking wounded when I arrived.

Delicious tapas with TIMFROMLESSAVYFAV was followed by a mad dash to catch the first band of the day Times New Viking. Yes,Them again. you didn’t think there could be a blog without them did you?? Discovering that their van had been broken into AGAIN and that missing passports meant an extended Spanish stay for some the omens really weren’t good when Jarod broke a string early on…..As ever though the songs triumphed and by the end we were screaming along in the light drizzle and already wondering if the show could be tooped.

Next up was Port O’Brien and they whetted appetities for their London shows ths week with a typically brilliant show welding Neil Young to the Violent Femmes and The Go Betweens in a way that took us back to those first Bright Eyes shows.

Then indoors to the Auditori to cath the legendary Mary Weiss of the Shangri Las. I LOVE the Shangri Las and it was a genuine thrll to hear that voice belting out “”Remember…..” and all the rest. Had to marvel at what it must have been like to see the group in their heyday as she still has pipes to break your heart today.
At this point thing start to get a little bit hazy. For some reason the cheapest thing on the drinks menu were Jager shots which probably went a long way to explaining the 1000 yard stares I’d seen earlier. Of course it was TNV who led us down that slippery slope.

Ran into some of the Lambchop boys who were playing in Silver Jews earlier so dashed over to catch Berman live for the first time for me. The words were tumbling and hilarious but I was distracted by running into Gary and Ross Crib who apparently had had a belter the night before plus Malkmus and Janet Weiss and Laurence from Domino and most excitingly my Welsh bra Nick Evans who ran the legendary Elemental label (and brought RFTC to the Ulk) but now lives in Barca teacing yoga and getting up at 3am every day.
Looking sickeningly happy and healthy he made me wonder if there was something to all that “getting in touch with your inner idiot” as he put it after all.

After this things get a litte hazy. Buffalo Tom played for what seemed like hours though its always good to hear Taillights Fade and good intentions were waylaid by the free booze at the expense of Malkmus and Menomena…….

News had come through of SIMIAN MOBILE disco having an accident en route to Spain and although thankfully no one was hurt the equipment was and what was meant to be a triumphant festival closing live set was now going to he a hastily assembled dj show IF James and Jas could get there in time.
The next couple of hours is a bit of a TNV inspired blur.

I watched the Dino reunion thing again and loved it as much as I had last year.If you’d have told a 15 year old me I’d be watching a note perfect Repulsion and Forget The Swan with a crowd of thousands 23 years later I’d have said you were crazy but there I was transported back to Liverpool and Martin Carr’s flat like it was yesterday.

Sadly missed Shellac who seemed to have blown minds but found myself side stage for an awesome LES SAVY FAV show.

In front of what seemed to be the biggest crowd of any stage all weekend LSF rocked the party as only they know how……

Now being Spain at 2am things are starting to get really moving as the going gets weird and the weird turn pro. SMD have arrived and dj at 3.30 to huge crowd down in the ampotheatre mixing up Inner City with pounding techno and culminating in an extraordinary moment at 5am when they dropped some terrifying Black Sabbath and the heavens opened and it seemed like there was nowhere left for anyone to go…..
Well for us it was back to TNV’s hotel room and having missed the already legenday balcony party the night before I was happy to literally spend the bands last night in Europe sleeping with them. This is a love which goes all the way………

Now to sleep to prepare for the busiest week of the shows of the year.onwards and upwards!

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