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Wichita office blog #7

Home alone…

Well, not quite. But MB and BW, the male portion of the daily Wichita team are off to Los Angeles today, followed inevitably by a hop over to Austin for the Rock n Roll Olympics that is also known as SXSW.

Which leaves just myself and JE in the office for a week. Which is kinda of like a busman’s holiday. Already our heads are filled up with such exciting prospects as; what sort of music we’re going to listen to cos WE control the stereo (Failingly, we’ve just put on the latest Animal Collective album – rather than the proposed Duran Duran Best Of), what we’re going to do to the office while there’s space and time (clean it) and obviously play Lateness Chicken. Lateness Chicken is essentially pushing each other’s guilt buttons by seeing who can come in the latest over the course of the week. The winner is the person who ultimately comes in around 5.55pm and then leaves 5 minutes later. We had a good start today; both of us coming in at the usual time. Losers.

Already though, I’m filled with a mild sense of panic – MB and BW are going to be on a plane for 10 hours! That means at least another 7 hours as of writing this where byThey Can’t Reply to Emails Straight Away! Stress. Stress. Oh hang on, I am an adult too, oh, and JR quietly runs the place anyway. However, in the short time between my entrance to the office and JR’s arrival, the phone rang twice.

One such call went as follows:

“Hello, Wichita”
“Hi, is BW there?”
“No, he’s away I’m afraid, can I help?”
“Oh, is MB there?”
“No, he’s away with BW too”
“Not yet.”
“Just you, then?”
“Yes, sorry.”
“Oh. Ill send them an email then”

Frankly it’s what I would have told the caller to do anyway, but.. it’s nice to have been able to help.

By Friday next week, I’ll be running this gaff. Or tied up in tissue paper and locked in in the toilet. It’s a 50/50 chance.

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