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Wichita office blog #6

While the Cat’s away…

…the mice get on with it like nothing much is out of place.

Last week the boss went out of the country on one of those exciting, glamorous A+R trips that involve grueling economy flights, 2 star hotels and shitty jet lag as you attempt to spend your waking hours adjusting to the local timezone and your nocturnal hours attempting to work on UK time via your blackberry as if you’re not away.

Possibly there is a degree of cynicism from those of us who’ve been on one long haul flight too many, but to be honest, it’s not a case of us sitting there twiddling out thumbs and working out how early we can leave – there’s too much work to do, you’ve never left the office early if your hand held email receptacle is still on, and oh yes; those Wichitans (generally) really like their jobs.

Besides. Records still have to be made, masters acquired, video betas delivered and guestlists and gig tickets accrued. I think in most companies, when the ‘line manager’ wanders off, stuff stops being done, largely because people are so reliant on their immediate superior checking on them, giving them work and not-so gently cajoling them on. At Wichita, being that there’s only a handful of people, everyone shares everybody else’s business and has a pretty good idea what to do in other people’s absence.

That’s why on the bottom of JE’s and BW’s email it doesn’t say something non-specific and useless like ‘A+R coordinator’, it just says ‘Wichita Recordings’. Crazy that.

Having said all of that, we did bundle out of the office early on Friday, but that was because it was BW’s birthday. And the office was only vacated ten minutes earlier than the usual time, due to birthday boy himself declaring that he had ‘a few more things to do’ constantly for the preceding 45 minutes. Tsk.

Those crazy Wichita cats x

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