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Wichita office blog #4

Dueling With Technology.

Wichita isn’t one of those trendy 2.0 offices with a coffee bar (though we really do drink enough), designer white furniture and Macs humming in a smug glow on every desk. Well, I have a Mac, but that’s because I really rather like them. But aside from that, it’s a determinedly un-showy kinda place.

However, despite the lack of ikea lifestyle furnishings, we do love a bit of tech. There has been much discussion abound about Twitter and whether it’s an brilliant tool for engagement (says MB), or just a bit like updating your Facebook status. Alot (muses JE). Regardless, and whole-heartedly Wichita does have its own, fairly idiosyncratic feed – clicky. Definitely worth following, even if there’s been a suggestion by high brow music industry tech-analysts / bloggers / 2.0 soothsayers that we’re not doing it *right* – read on. Obviously all like a good bit of blogging too – hence this page. And then there’s the video podcasts on iTunes – do check em out.. and EVERYTHING. And it’s not johnny come lately-isms, it’s a genuine love for all the many possibilities that have come out of the internets and will do forever.

To be honest, its been inspired more by the bands Wichita works with and other, cleverer people who work around the label. The person who designed the Wichita site for instance, is an utter genius who always answers all the far fetched, fatuous and utterly odd ‘can we do this with the internet?’ questions posed with a ‘yeah, I can probably do that’.

Sky Larkin, a band that blog, flickr, twitter and all the other things with a natural, enthusiastic finesse are equally inspiring, and in fairness, most of the other Wichita acts seem similarly clued up. Its genuinely inspiring, and a combination of this desire not to be the dinosaurs who die first and a definite infatuation with all things interweb means that Wichita strive’s on with glee. They’ve even learnt how to update the flickr page and run their own online store, for goodness sakes.

However there are more taxing things in the office right now, and it would be foolish to neglect them for the golden glow of forward thinking living. If anyone can suggest the best way of ripping DVDs to PC – preferably MV4 format – we’d really, REALLY appreciate it. Trying to put Season 6 of The Shield on our iPods is truly, truly infuriating us. Oh, and Handbrake for PCs SUCKS.

Defeated by technology…

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