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Wichita office blog #1

Hey there, this is the Wichita office house guest. I’ve been incumbent on the office sofa for a little while, (though recently upgraded to a full desk – thanks, Thomas). Due to an alleged half-decency with words, I thought I might offer an occasional view on the Wichita world from the middle of, yet slightly outside of it. Selective voyeurism, if you will.

Today was a bit of a Domino Recording Co. love-in day, with the morning spent listening to the newest output from the fine indie. The new Franz LP was listened to at length with great interest, as was the new Eugene McGuiness single. Most intriguing was the new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy longplayer, which was regularly and amusingly interspersed with audio reminders that this was DEFINITELY a promo copy, and not for re-sale or anything like that. Even stranger was how each warning was issued in a different tone and international accent. You can’t argue against the creativity of it all…

There’s also a new office sofa dweller, replacing my own bottom on the care-worn office chaise longue; Wichita’s new intern, Joe. Joe is clearly a very lovely person, and entirely capable of doing many things that we struggle to uphold; organisation, cleanliness and the creation of space that we all thought had long ago become lost forever. There was notable amount of consternation amongst Team Wichita at the large greenish thing that appeared near the fridge yesterday on one of Joe’s many foray’s towards that corner of the office. He assures us though, that it is indeed ‘carpet’ and ‘additional’ space. We’ll have to trust him on that. It must also be noted that Joe does many other things too, some of which don’t include the moving of boxes.

The afternoon saw all 5 office dwellers head over to the Rich Mix cinema with a spring in our step to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama (Mr President to you now). It was pretty amazing stuff, and the packed out viewing room seemed to share the sense of a better future. It was warming, and the glasses of red wine we sipped throughout only added to the fuzzy feeling. One particular phrase stood out amongst all others though;

…what men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose”.

Which sums just about everything up, doesn’t it?


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