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The End of Days

That’s how Glastonbury sundays always feel.just dragging yourself over the fnishing line.
Daytime’s shitty line up didn’t help.seemed like most of the uk”s shittest bands played at least once over the weekend and sometimes you wondered if you weren’t at the radio one roadshow waiting for DLT.
Things finally got going at 4 with the arrival of stars.just like at coachella they seemd suited to a sunday afternoon slot and played everything I could have hoped to hear.if you’ve never bought a stars record you owe it to yourself.
Climbed all the way up the hill while Ronson murdered the jam in a hilariously modern way amd took my seat for Caribou.
Talk about righjt band right place.with the faders set to psych Dan and the boys went right out even further than usual as the green surrpundings just seemed to intensify the pastoral nature of their big drummed psychedelia.Right up there with the best sets of the weekend for me.
100 yards down the hill to watch Sky Larkin on the BBC Introducing stage.
Brimming with new found confidemce and having just got back from recording their debut album the set sounded like a greatest hits run through and showed again thjat somewhere along the road these kids learned how to ROCK!
Then made the epic trek over to jazz world to see King Solomon Burke being lowered into his enprmous gold frame.
Much like with Candi on friday its hard not to be blown away by the heritage and history before you.starting with “that’s how I got to mephis” we went through severla decades of hits from him and his friends and while it veered towards cheesy now and then the voice was still there and you felt honoured to be in his presence
Then it was time for one more act before lights out.
Tempted by Derriclk May with Stars folks but decide to see MMJ’s first uk festival headline.their bonnaroo sets have ecome legendary but they give them the chance to play for hours on end and a disappointed jim seemed to be just hitting his stride and hour or so in beofre the curfew came and the plug was pulled.still great to have them back here tho.
There was other stuff I’m sure but hey man if you can remember glastonbury you weren’t there right folks?
It won’t be remembered as a vintage year but there’s still nothing quite like it in the world.

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