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No Sleep Til Hammersmith

Lemmy is never wrong.except for some of the nazi memorabilia stuff.memorabilia now there’s a song.

See ? That’s how your mind works when you’ve had no sleep.Since getting back from Primavera I’m averaging 3 to 4 hours a night and its starting to take its toll.

Dick has been in London for an unprecedented 3 days which usually means trouble.

Monday was awesome.Team Dodo got together for the first time and the excitement in the room was palpable and only increased at the band’s first ever London show that night. Whooped on by the biggest crowd at the Hoxditch Bar B Q Grill since SMD the boys totally delivered the goods and showed everyone why the “buzz from sxsw had been so loud……

Too many beers meant a hankering for late night pizza and though I managed to avoid the tequila fueled dice session that evening it was still gone 3 before I hit the hay.

Up at 8 on Tuesday for a day that managed to take in trips to all 4 points on the London compass.The daytime highlight was a trip to see SMD in the room (still can’t bring myself to call that a studio fellas) where we got to hear the sounds that fill James Ford’s head (folks you don’t want to go there…..) Along with the full scoop on the missing 3 tonne trailer full of gear.

Cheesy quavers man, they’re all radio rental.

Then we made the epic voyage to new cross somewhere past new south wales.
Was taken back to friday nights watching the Boos and the Swervies bitd and it was touching to see that this was a part world utterly untouched by the blight of urban regeneration…..

In fairness loads of kids turned out for a cracking bill with Port O Brien up first and then another great Dodos set completely revamped from the night before.

The journey back to London took several hours so it was another great late night/early morning combo

Wednedsay saw the biggest London show for everybody’s favourite swedish teens THOSE DANCING DAYS.
Having finally finished school a few days before and with the sun finally shining it felt like an end of term party.Great show with a few new songs from the soon come album which sounded amazing and a new confidence from Linnea now that she is a pop star full time.

Seemed crazy not to celebrate so we headed to East Village for Delicious Vinyl’s Remixxxology party where the ridiculously good sound system played host to the legendary Mastah Ace and some great old skool joints as I believe they call em.

All fired up when it closed we rendezvoused with the cream of Sweden at some Hoxditch den of vice. Like a mini stockholm with Lykke Li, The Concretes, El Perro Del Mar and TDD another late night/early morning inevitably ensued……..

Today has been a little gentler.The legend that is Christof from City Slang was in town which is always good,Lovvers were kicking about and tonight saw an absolutely beautiful set from the ridiculously talented MEG BAIRD. She’s got some pipes that girl and plays guitar like a mofo too.Amazing to see her in this big old church and makes the prospect of new music from the Espers folks even more exciting.

So yeah a bit of a week all told especially as Meg clashed with The Cribs b sides set so have to had to miss that. Hear the Comet Gain cover went down very well with the indie glitterati tho…….

Tomorrow is the long awaited return of The Notwist makers of one of my favourite albums ever and a band worth braving ICA bar prices for……..

Onwards and upwards.

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