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Life is a Rollercoaster

There. Bet you didn’t imagine the Wichita blog would launch with a Ronan Keating quote did you?? My most hated song of all times actually. But i digress (digression will be a theme of this thing i can tell…..). Never let it be said that we’re ahead of the curve so just as you all get into CB radio cos you’re so cutting edge we’ve decided to enter the blogoworld or whatever it is.

Honestly this is going to be fun for all of the family.

Anyway. I’m doing the first one cos I’ve had a momentous week. The highs, the lows, the other bits.

All began at ATP vs Pitrchfork last week. Most of the best bands on the planet right now assembled in one handy “Indie Boot Camp “ (B Wileman). We offered up what many seemed to feel were the two highlights of the weekend in Los Campesinos! (fulfilling all their dreams and playing the show of their lives) and Les Savy Fav (straight from the airport after their visa issues and last seen leading 2000 kids down the stairs of Pontins to see Black Lips….). Tell us if there are too many brackets in this won’t you.

So yeah from a “work perspective” all went swimmingly. Which was another highlight having swim/beard off in the sea with the mighty Tim Harrington. Not something you do everyday.

Anyway. The real highlight for the entire Wichita office was the first chance to see our favourite band TIMES NEW VIKING play in the UK. They made us scream and jump around like idiots as usual and we got to spend a little quality time with them too which was lovely. Other highlights were finally seeing Meat Puppets, catching Jens Lekman again and seeing Sebadoh do a couple of the hits.

Back in London saw Man Man Tues and enjoyed em a lot more than at ATP before seeing what will be a legendary line up of Lovvers/TNV/Jay Reatard at the Old Blue Last on Thursday. Blissfully ignorant that some fuckwit had broken into Times New Viking’s van we pogoed and screamed and mixed our shorts and generally had a right old East End knees up. Is there a better live band than Lovvers in the Uk right now ?? No.There’s not.

So all this musical preamble had been fun but was only there to keep me from going over the edge in anticipation of the FA CUP FINAL. It’s been and gone now so maybe i did imagine it after all but my beloved Bluebirds actually made it to Wembley. We may have lost but it truly was that “great day out” that people talk about and I’ll never forget it as long as I live. Highlights were catching up with the Super Furries and sharing something with my dad that only one generation of City fans had been able to do and that was more than 80 years ago.

So yeah an extradordinary week full of ups and downs but momentous enough to move me to write my first blog piece.Will try not to make itmas long before the next one.

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