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Concrete and Glass and cinemas 2

After a quick bit of vodcast action (watch the skies folks) it was tine for more Port O Brien.Restored to full rocking glory after the stripped down instore they had the whole room singing along.
All of which prepared us perfectly for our headliner EUROS CHILDS.4th time ‘ve seen EC lately after the Conor and Dodos tours but this was like a different man.A three piece with Pete and Sweet Baboo the set began with the “hits” but became stranger and more incredible the longer it went on as new songs ranged from 70’s funk prog psych to heavy rockers.All I could think while watching the show is that despite his young age Euros has become a national treasure following a path trodden by true artists from Robert Wyatt to Daniel Johnston.Seemingly adrift in their own musical world but making amazing connections to people through the purity of their work and their dedication to their art.Truly inspring.
Our work there done and everyone over the moon with the success of our show we decided not to cap it off with the TVOTR queue but instead to run around the corner for some perfect pop.
Now that we’re in October its going to take a run of amazing records to dislodge Lykke Li from the top end of my AOTY list.
“Youth Novels”is so wonderful and tonight felt like a proper celebration of that record.in a perfect half gig half clun environment Lykke’s 500th gig of the year might have been her best yet.just over 12 months aftet seeing the tentative first show in Stockholm this was a truly exhuberant super confident young women slaying a packed crowd.Think there are plenty of surprises and twists to come from her as she’s a true original Buy that bloody album.

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