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Blog 2.0

“Its pop music for people who don’t like pop music”

Thus quoth a very wise man last night (well,a drummer) in the aftermath of our last Times New Viking show for the foreseeable future last night.
The football season had of course finished on saturday so I was free to go the splendid line up that Plan B put on at Corsica Studios.Funny old venue in a funny old part of the world.

Going South Of The River is always odd but Elephant + Castle really is like nothing else on earth…….

Huw Stephens was out to support local Cardiff boys Gindrinker up first.I get a real nostalgia kick out of their shows as the remind me of evey band I saw in wales from 84-86.Peel would have adored them probably sums it up but the two men and a drum machine are like se unholy alliance between Datblygu and Big Black.

Sadly they didn’t play my favourite the one about Bullseye which has a chanted chorus of “Hail Bowen!!!”.A classic.

Next up were Lovvvvvers.For the first time in a long run of shows not the usual life changung experience but due to sound issues not lack of effort on their part with Shaun spending most of the gig in the crowd.

Must admit I did slip out with guitarist Henry at that point to watch the penalty shoot out in some bizarre Portuguese wine bar but only got pleasure when pens were missed.

Anyway.dashed back in for the main event,the last London show of this first uk trip for Times New Viking.

Probably for the best or this wold just be a TNV fan woirship blag.Got their impressions of Cardiff and learnt of their traditional Welsh gifts from SFA (umm cheese) and the show itself was triumphant.Unusually clean sounding for a Matt Horseshit mix those Ohio Pop Songs sounded like the anthems they are.

Genuinely choked to see the back of them,the campaign for a swift return starts here.

“I don’t want to die/In the city alone”

Come back soon kids.

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