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Another Day

So much for keeping it live…..Saturday was great.dry and sunny.
Los Camp started it off with an absolute cracker much as they had last year.12 months on and older and woser they ripped through their set and totally suited the big stage and screens.a top job.
Then saw a bit of black kids which left me very on the fence.some great songs but as a whole its still not quite there for me.better than most of their peers though.
Neon Neon were peerless.an extraordinary set put just about everyone else over the weekend to shame.it mindblowing that that’s gruff’s third full set of differetn material with different bands between this year and last.Har Mar spat headtands.gruff read a magazine.the sun shone.it was awesome.

Bit of a blur after that.
Hung with The Cribs and LC.went up to see Kool Keith not only show up but deliver a crowd pleasing set of the hits in that werd ‘here’s a medley from each of my personas” thing that he’s been doing.still unique and he seemed to enjoy it too.next year maybe we can have a gruff/keith set.that would do me.

Back down the hill for SMD’s dj set.with Jas in the delivery room it was left to Mr Ford to deliver a cracking set to the dancing hordes and there’s still a thrill to hear 1000’s singing Hustler like that.
One last pit stop and then over to the main stage for the main event of the day.
Wino was running late so saw the last half of that.someone help her eh?
Then Jay Zoh jay Z.better writers than I will cover this in depth I’m sure but from my spot in the biggest main stage crowd I’ve seen there maybe ever it was fantastic.the intro was briliantly judged.the freestyles breathtaking and the charisma palpable even from half a mile away.
Could have done with Beyonce or Rhianna but that’s splitting hairs.He seemed very aware of where he was and the significance of the show and in contrast to let’s say a Wyclef show (hello germany!)had put some thought into it and put in a unique showthe truly memorable part of the whole weekend……..

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